The Network shall admit Members under the following categories:

Full Members

Associate Members
1 Full Members:

Full members shall be:

National, sub-regional and regional organizations responsible for assuring the quality of higher education in Africa;
Other organizations which meet the conditions for membership as decided by General Assembly, from time to time and are legally recognized by the country of origin.

2. Associate Members:

Associate members shall be:

Institutions of higher education in Africa which are committed to enhance the quality provision of education and are in good standing with relevant quality assurance systems.

Procedure for Membership

The procedure for membership shall be as follows:

Organizations interested in becoming members shall complete an application form;
The Secretariat shall verify that the application for membership complies with the specified conditions, in respect of the category of membership being applied for and make recommendations to the Board;
The Board shall approve the recommendation by a simple majority vote, and present to the General Assembly for ratification.
The Secretariat shall communicate to the applying organization, the decision on the status of the application;
If the application is approved, the applying organization shall fulfill requirements for membership.



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