Photos from the African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN) 2023 Forum
December 14, 2023

The African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN) has elected a new Executive Board to steer the affairs of the Network for the term spanning 2024 to 2026. The elections took place during an online extra ordinary General Assembly held on March 6, 2024, in alignment with the Network’s constitution mandating the selection of a new Executive Board every two years.

Comprising esteemed members from Regional, Sub-regional, and National organizations dedicated to ensuring the quality assurance of higher education across Africa, AfriQAN stands as a beacon of progress and advancement in the educational landscape. Institutions of higher learning committed to enhancing the quality provision of education also form an integral part of this prestigious network.

The newly elected board members are as follows:

  • The President: Professor Charles Kihampa, Tanzania Commission for Universities,Tanzania.
  • Vice-President: Council on Higher Education, Lesotho (represented by Dr. Lits’abako Ntoi)
  • Treasurer: National Council for Higher Education, Namibia (represented by Ms. Sylvia Demas)
  • Member representing West Africa : L’Autorité Nationale d’Assurance Qualité de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (ANAQ-Sup), Senegal (represented by Prof. Lamine Gueye)
  • Member representing Southern Africa: Southern African Quality Assurance Network

During the extraordinary General Assembly, the outgoing president of the Network, Prof. Maria Luisa Chicote emphasized the need for the Network to achieve its mandate of ensuring quality in African Higher Education institutions.  She underscored the imperative to overcome obstacles hindering progress by expanding the network’s membership and enhancing its visibility.

Dr. Noel Saliu, while congratulating the new president on behalf of the Network, expressed heartfelt appreciation to the outgoing president, Prof. Maria Luisa Chicote for her unwavering dedication in leading the Network during her tenure.

An acceptance speech delivered by Dr. Telemu Kassile on behalf of the new AfriQAN president, reiterated the urgent need for collaborative efforts among the members of AfriQAN to drive meaningful progress. Emphasizing the power of unity within the network, Dr. Kassile highlighted that collective action is indispensable for achieving AfriQAN’s overarching goal. The election marks a pivotal moment in AfriQAN’s journey, signifying a renewed commitment to excellence, improved quality and strengthened collaboration in shaping the future of higher education on the continent.

Institutions with an aligned vision, seeking to collaborate with AfriQAN are encouraged to contact us at

AfriQAN Secretariat is in Accra, hosted by the Secretariat of the  Association of African Universities (AAU). Please contact AAU at






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