March 20, 2017

Message du président

La création du Réseau Africain d’Assurance Qualité (AfriQAN), lancé lors de la deuxième Conférence Internationale de l’UNESCO sur l’Assurance Qualité dans l’Enseignement Supérieur, qui s’est tenue […]
February 10, 2017

Annual Quality Assurance for Higher Education Leaders (QAHEL) Workshop

AAU-AfriQAN would like to build on its current quality assurance initiatives and experience by mounting an annual Quality Assurance for Higher Education Leaders (QAHEL) Workshop Series in order to enlighten the leadership of universities current developments on quality assurance arena and provide a forum where they can share ideas and learn from one another for the good of higher education in Africa.
September 18, 2016

Message from the President

The establishment of the African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN), which was launched during the 2nd UNESCO International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education held in […]